Empower Your Intentions

YO Studios Islands Brygge
Friday 24th September 18.00 - 20.00

Never underestimate the power of your intention.

We often talk about ‘intention setting’ in class, but how do we craft intentions that can pour out of our practise and into our lives? And where does intention setting come from?

Sankalpa is Sanskrit for an ‘intention from the heart and mind’ and is integral to our yoga practise. It is deeply rooted, it anchors us, it’s what everything comes back to. It affirms our reason to continue on our path of self-discovery.

On Friday 24th September we will gather to immerse in our own Sankalpa, craft meaningful intentions which we will meditate on, move through a deeply-connected Vinyasa practise and end with a closing ceremony.

Empowering our intentions can transform our yoga practise on and off the mat.

18.00 – Welcome ceremony

18.10 – What is Sankalpa?

18.20 – Intention-led guided meditation

18.45 – Vinyasa practise

19.45 – Closing ceremony

20.00 - Finish

To join me on this journey, please get in touch via info@earthtoneyoga.co.uk or via YO website https://www.yostudios.dk/