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Colette Alderson


I spent the earlier years of my life quite lost (even though I didn’t know it at the time), always looking to outer experiences, people and endless partying to ‘escape’ from my mind and calm the thoughts, and not being able to understand why they always came back – What was wrong with my brain? Why wouldn’t it turn off?

When I was 20, I was involved in a very serious car crash that left me with broken vertebrae, ribs, sternum and ankle to name a few. Although I have always viewed this crash as a miracle (luckily not one of my 10 friends died in the accident) it left me unable to move my body without pain for a long time.

As a child and through to my teenage years, I always felt my truest self when I was in ballet shoes. As this passion began to dwindle and stopped altogether after the crash, I realise I lost not just a part of me, but my essence. This was followed by years of self-turmoil – always smiling, happy and confidence on the outer exterior – but inside I had developed an unhealthy pattern for my body and mind.

Fast forward a few years to a girl returning home from a (very extended) trip in South East Asia with a broken heart. I came to a crossroads – do I continue on this path of drinking and avoiding my mind? Or do I stand tall against the fear of the unknown and explore a new path?

So, instead of throwing myself into partying and past patterns, I threw myself into a yoga studio. And I haven’t looked back since, exploring the deepest parts of my mind with meditation and expressing my emotions through movement.

If I can help just one person navigate their journey on this earth, then it makes it all worth it. Are you ready to step onto a new path with me?